The Right Gear For Spearfishing

the-right-gear-for-spearfishingSpearfishing is an incredibly fun activity but there is a specific spearfishing gear that has to be worn while doing the activity. If you want to do spearfishing, here is what you need to know about the gear.

Open Cell Suit

An open cell suit is a 2 piece suit that does not contain any lining on the inside. This is why the name is referred to as an open cell. A spearfishing wetsuit is important and crucial for not only staying warm but also protecting the skin against reefs, rocks, and jellyfish.

The warm suit will be helpful while you are diving and are an essential for spearfishing. I found this site where you can read more:



A stringer is a cord that contains a spike on one end and it is used to tie the fish that you have successfully slain. Stringer comes in different options. For example, they come as metal rings that look like big safety pins. Irrespective, the idea and point are that a stringer is an essential for spearfishing and must not be forgotten.


Freediving Fins

spearfishing-finsFreediving fins are another essential for spearfishing. The fins are long and are made out of different materials such as plastic to carbon fiber. The freediving fins are usually long and the purpose behind them being long is that also have a longer memory. The long fins allow you to kick longer than the usual standard fins.


You also need a speargun or a polespear if you want to successfully shoot all the fat fish. For beginners, it is recommended to get a polespear because polespear is cheap and easily affordable. On the other hand, the speargun for spearfishing will be used by those who are a little advanced as far as spearfishing is concerned and therefore, should be used by medium to advanced level users.


Dive Knife

underwater-huntingYou even need a dive knife for different purposes when it comes to spearfishing. A dive knife is usually used to kill a fish once it has been shot. It also serves as a good safety tool in case there is any entanglement of kelp or old fishing in general.

Dive knives are usually cheaper and they are a good choice for spearfishing as they can help you in achieving your purpose right.


Low Volume Mask

Compared to a scuba mask it’s essential to get a low volume mask for spear fishing. Essentially it is a diving mask that is designed to have far less space between the lens and the face in order to successfully reduce the total volume of the air.

Air is precious and something that bothers you more often than not. The low volume mask will ensure that you get the right protection when you need it the most and it can help you in protecting you while you are spearfishing.

Spearfishing is a fun activity for those who have gotten the hang of it. When it comes to spearfishing, there is a specific gear that you need in order to get started. Few of the essential items in the gear have been listed above.

6 Reasons That Will Make You Love Camping

campingGetting up and going out for some serious physical exertion can be quite a task at times. Especially for those who work all week long and want nothing but to laze around on the few days they off. One needs the motivation to move their butt to the great outdoors and explore Mother Nature. The entire process of finding a worthwhile camping spot, packing and unpacking your gear can sound like a big hassle even for the most hardcore campers. Camping is not for everyone. Venturing out for an adventure is not for everyone. But it is not dangerous and tough as many people think it is. In fact, it is the most sat8udfying experience the world has to offer. There is hardly a chance that you might eat by a bear or get trapped in a forest fire.

If you’re still not convinced then here are a few reasons why camping is the most awesome:


Unplug and unwind

Yes, there is stuff you need to do. Yes, imagining life without a phone is next to impossible in the year 2016. But while switching off your phone might seem unthinkable, doing so is an exhilarating experience that gives you freedom. The moment you don’t have to care about someone’s text or call you are free to truly relish the people around you and the experience of living.



camp fireBecause, duh! Campfires are simply the best perk of camping. They are great for getting cozy, they keep the bugs away and creating a great ambiance for any after-dark activity you want to do.


Starry Skies

The stars can sound like an imaginary object in the city. What with barely a bunch of them visible one might think they’re extinct. Camping is a great way to be mesmerized by these sparkly little diamonds in the sky. The sight of millions of stars in the sky is just unbeatable.


Cheap Vacation

Who wants to pay for expensive hotels, food, drinks and activities that add up to a lifetime of savings when you can have a great time without spending big bucks? Besides, do you even know how much a decent hotel at a decent location costs these days?


Beautiful Sceneries

In summers, cities feel like hell and the smell of decomposing garbage can be distressing. However, it is the best time for nature to thrive. A view of a lake and the mountains is highly satisfying. A picture just quiet cut it. Not comparable at all.


Physical Fitness

Camping is a great excuse to get the exercise you need. You spend hours of the day sitting in one place whether it is in class, or at the office. You can stay active by backpacking, trekking, swimming or canoeing.


These are just a few of the many reasons why camping is totally awe-inspiring. Once you get down to it, you’ll find more reasons to return to it. Now it is time to face your fears and say bye-bye to the couch potato lifestyle. Time to get outside! Who knows you might turn into an avid camper and outdoor person.